When it comes to hiring a professional credit company you want to make sure you hire a company that is truly there for your best interest, not for your money. Unfortunately, we as credit repair companies sometimes do not have the best reputation. I am very grateful for my clients, here at UrChoice Credit we’ve received so many positive reviews, it always brings a smile to my face! Just last week, really two days ago… I had a client give us a call to simply thank us. She said because of our guidance and professional letters to the credit bureaus, we were able to help her get approved for her first apartment! No co-signer necessary. Here at UrChoice our goal isn’t only to remove the derogatory items reporting to your credit but we also guide our clients with the necessary things they must do to improve their score more rapidly during the time with us. Honestly when it comes to working with a credit repair company, it’s a team effort kind of thing. Not just team work within the credit repair office but with you as well, like we tell our clients, the positive results won’t only be from our work. You must too put in some work to get to where you want to be and our goal is to get each client the 650+ credit score.

Now how would you know when you’ve chosen the right company? Here are the signs you want to look out for when to NOT chose that credit company.


Everyone’s first question has always been DO I HAVE TO PAY IN FULL UP FRONT? Legally, according to the Credit Repair Organizations Act you are not suppose to pay for any services up front. If a credit company demands full payment before any work is done, run for the hills. Credit companies are allowed to collect monthly fees, collect payment 6 months into their services or once services are complete. If the credit company is charging an initial fee, legally you can not be charged for that initial fee until THREE DAYS after you’ve signed the contract between you and the company.


If a company GUARANTEES deleting the derogatory remarks and negative accounts from your credit report, you should raise an eye brow. Nothing is guaranteed in this credit world unless you pay what you owe, that’s me being 100% honest with you. Let me explain to you why because no matter what company you go with the debt cannot be erased. Also, you want to make sure the derogatory account is deleted from ALL THREE credit bureaus, not just one. A lot of companies tend to let clients believe they’ve deleted a collection and it would only be deleted from one credit bureau. Now if the collection was deleted and the actual debt was not paid… In a year that collection will pop back up! That is why it is important to pay off or settle any collection accounts you may have reporting on your credit report. Check out my last post on how to get rid of your collection debt.


When it comes to repairing your credit life, people usually want it to be done fast. They try to go with the company that tells them they can have them at a certain score in three months. Let me tell you now, that’s a crock of beep beep. Unless you have NO credit history, it’s no way ANY company can get you to where you want to be within 90 days and even then with no credit history you won’t get where you want to be in three months. Your score can improve but you will not get to where you want to be in three months if the goal is to buy a house or finance a car. Usually the scammer companies like to tell their potential clients they’ll remove or get them to a certain score by this amount of time and their favorite number is 3 months. It’s just not true! When it comes to building or improving your credit score, it is a process. You MUST be patient.


Do not hesitate to ask questions, do not hesitate to ask the right questions. If the company cannot answer your questions do not go with them. You want to ask the right questions to see if the company can truly help you. Here are the top five questions you want to ask and the answers you get back.

– How long will this process take?

If you are building credit it would take 6-9 months. Within three months, with proper guidance you will generate a credit score. If you are repairing and paying collections it would normally take up to a year to get you where you need to be.

– What exactly am I paying for?

The credit company should break down and explain what the charges are going towards. The basic fees go towards envelopes, stamps, certified letters, and time.

– Do you help clients settle their accounts?

A great credit repair company would say YES!

– What is your disputing process?

The advisor should explain how the credit company process works. If you can not get a straight answer, do not feel comfortable going with that company. That’s usually a sign of non-organization.

– Do you dispute with all three credit bureaus and creditors reporting on my report?

A great company would say YES! Disputing with all three bureaus AS WELL AS the creditors reporting the negative remarks to the credit bureaus.


A credit repair company that is here to help you will always offer a 90 day money back guaranteed. If you see no results, nothing has been deleted at all, not even an inquiry, within the first 90 days, you are entitled to receiving your money back if they offer 90 days money back guaranteed. Sometimes, some companies do not have that and that should be a red flag in your eyes. You want to work with a company that is truly there to help you during your journey to financial freedom just like Urchoice Credit because like I

always say… Having excellent credit is a choice, it’s #UrChoice!

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