Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Help Me Rebuild My Credit?

Yes! While we can’t guarantee a specific outcome to your credit repair journey, we can help you address items that may hurt your credit profile and provide you with education about your credit score.

How long Will It Take To Raise My Credit Score?

We can’t say how long it will take to raise your credit score. Each journey is different. We can, however, guarantee that UrChoice Credit will guide and educate you in every step of the credit repair process.  

How Much Will My Credit Score Increase?

This is entirely up to you! 65% of your credit score is based on your payment history and credit use. By making payments on time and keeping your credit usage under 30%, your score will likely increase over time! 

How Long Does Credit Repair Take?

In all honesty, we can’t predict how long your credit repair journey will take, nor guarantee you a specific result. No one can. That said, our clients have seen an average increase between four and six months.

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