Having excellent credit is a choice… It’s UrChoice! Did you know more than half of Americans, 53% to be exact Experian studies showed in 2019, have a poor credit score. More than half of Americans get denied for a credit card or a loan all because of their poor credit score. A credit score between 300-579 would be considered a POOR credit score to the credit bureaus. A credit score between 580-669 would be considered a FAIR score. Credit scores between 690-719 would be considered a GOOD score and a score between 720-850 would be considered an EXCELLENT score. Here at UrChoice Credit we help our clients get to an EXCELLENT credit score rather than a GOOD credit score to qualify for the finer things.

Why? Because 21% of Americans have a FAIR credit score and believe it or not… That’s exactly what it means, a fair credit score. Your biggest goals in life (purchase of new house, college tuition, a new car) can honestly only be purchased with credit. You can have $100,000 in cash and still be denied. With a poor or fair credit score you are more likely to be denied or have a higher interest rate than someone with an Excellent credit score.

The goal at UrChoice credit is to help each client have the best possible credit score for a better financial future. We help remove derogatory remarks, hard inquiries, public records, and help clients settle any necessary accounts to its lowest dollar. We mail dispute letters to each credit bureau, Experian, Transunion, and Equifax on behalf of the client. Each client has access to their own personal portal where they are able to keep track of all disputes done on their behalf. Clients can communicate with our team directly through their portal but ALSO TEXT! Many of our clients find it easier to communicate via text. Clients can forward credit bureau responses by email, text, fax or USPS mail. Our goal is to make sure we can make this process as easy as possible for each client on their financial journey.

Not only do we help our clients remove the derogatory remarks reporting on their credit report but we also guide our clients when it comes to budgeting and creating a savings plan. 70% of Americans have less than a $1,000.00 saved in their savings account and 45% of Americans have NOTHING saved. Our goal is to make sure each client of ours has officially created a budget plan as well as a savings account for their future. It’s important to budget and save so that you don’t feel like you’re living pay check to pay check. You don’t have to have all the money in the world to know how to budget, save, and spend. It’s truly all about spending wisely when it comes to saving. Giving up certain unnecessary things to be able to save is the challenge. I use to have the habit of purchasing at least one item every week, it didn’t matter what it was. It could be bag, some accessories or shoes but if I purchased shoes then I’d have to buy a matching top or entire outfit to go with the shoes and this was every week. If it was Friday and I still had money in my bank account, I had to go shopping just to spend everything I had before I was paid again. It felt like free money, money “I had nothing to do with”. Without realizing all of that money could have been saved or invested. Have no fear, the girls from UrChoice Credit are here!

Contact us today for your free consultation, we are currently doing consultations only by phone because of CO-VID19 for the safety of our employees. Normally you would be able to meet us in person and visit our office located in Garfield, NJ. Interested in beginning your journey to financial freedom? Give us a call at 973-318-9600 x 0. That’s my direct line! Just say you came from CreditwithCrystal. Let’s be financially free!!

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