Friday, March 20th, was the first time I was able to buy one pack of 4 rolls of toilet paper since the pandemic started. I’ve been searching everywhere for a week now! I ran out of toilet paper on Tuesday. It took me an entire 24 hours to find ONE roll of toilet paper and it just happened to be sold at a liquor store. Out of every place, the liquor store! Wow lol. I’ve been going to the grocery stores and every dollar general in the area morning and night for 5 days in hopes of finding toilet paper and today, on day 6, I finally found some but only a pack of 4 and it was SCOTT! Ugh, I’m not a fan of SCOTT. I’m more of a 12-roll pack Charmin kind of girl but I grabbed two packs anyways. Once I get to the register the cashier tells me only ONE pack per person. I’m like girlllll. Do you know how long it took me just to find these?… I forgot to tell you guys, that the two I had were actually the LAST TWO packs of toilet paper. I literally ran to the aisle as soon as I seen everyone with a pack in their cart. After all that, I ended taking both packs home. I told her one was for the person I was with.

A lot of people are panicking during this pandemic. I still can’t believe I’m even living through one. During this time we just have to be extra careful, if we begin to take care of ourselves and give everyone personal space we can get through this together. Constantly wash your hands and ask the ones around you to join you with washing hands. It still may take months before the cure is released. More than 15,700 people in America have tested positive and at least 200 people have died. No one is being allowed in or out of the country and restaurants are only allowing take-outs and delivery. NOW I’m panicking again, my birthday is on Monday (3/23) and I can’t do anything. >:( At least Amazon, FedEx and UPS are still delivering.

My team and I are still working to make sure we give our clients the best service and credit outcome from home and our office, some of us can’t work from home so they have more free time. Use this quarantine time to learn somethings about yourself. Work-out, feed your brain with knowledge, listen to financial podcasts, or give yourself a complete break from life and just binge. I did a poll on Instagram and these were the top movie/show recommended to watch.


– Inside Job

– In The Dark

– Dirty Money

– Outbreak

– 25 Million Pounds

– The Warning

– On My Block

– All American

– She’s Gotta Have It

– Outbreak

Now, if you aren’t really a sit and binge movies kind of person I have the top ten best Investing books you must read if you have not already. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki is by far one of my favorite investment books, it’s a great beginners guide also a great book for teenagers to understand the importance of knowledge.

Best Sellers

– The Intelligent Investor by: Benjamin Graham

– Rich Dad Poor Dad by: Robert Kiyosaki

– The Total Money Makeover by: Dave Ramsey

– A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market by: Matthew R. Kratter

– Principles by: Ray Dalio

– How to Day Trade For A Living- Andrew Aziz

– Money Master The Game by: Tony Robbins

– SHIFT by: Gary Keller

– The Four Hour Workweek by: Timothy Ferris

– The Book On Rental Property Investing by: Brandon Turner

Finding the right things to do during this time isn’t hard at all, it’s more of finding the things you find entertaining to do during this time that makes you feel bored. You should not be bored or feel like that, this is the perfect time to do what you’ve been wanting to do. Whenever you find yourself being bored just think of me and begin to do something productive. All books listed above are available on Amazon. Now I’m going to practice Yoga before I officially begin my day.

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